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Coat Rack

Made out of white epoxy-coated steel, the Coat Rail by Godonnier is a minimalist yet functional hanging solution.

Stylish and space-saving, this coat rail is ideal for hanging coats, bags, umbrellas, bathrobes, or whatever you may need to turn.

Sturdy, it fits perfectly any entryway, hallway, bedroom, bathroom, or office. It will hang all the belongings you need for leaving a room in one spot, greeting you as you step through the door!

Select the coat rail according to your needs: available with two hooks (70cm) or three hooks (120cm).

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Godonnier is a French independent family business specialized in home accessories. Their products ensure safe and comfortable home places, especially in the bathroom.

Godonnier products respect strict quality norms. The brand designs functional, durable, and modern home accessories.


It focuses on improving people’s safety and facilitating the elderly and disabled persons’ daily lives. From the R&D prototype to the delivery, Godonnier carries out each stage of the product life meticulously.

The brand history and ethics won over the 27 team. Give your home a great look while ensuring your family’s safety.


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