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The Water Cooler can refresh or maintain cold an entire jug of water, fruit juice, tea or any of your favorite beverages. It easily adapts to most jugs commercially, both in glass, than plastic or steel. You just have to let the Water Cooler into the freezer for about 4 hours in order to have the coolant inside it completely frozen. Safe and hygienic, there is no contraindication because its coolant is sealed inside the stainless steel nickel-free body.
*** The Water Cooler is ideal for jugs. 27Lisboa also has an ideal option for glasses!


– Material: Stainless steel
– Product Measurements: L 30cm
– Easy to clean
– Shock and abrasion resistant


Genietti are simple, innovative, brilliant accessories: born from the real needs of those who cook at both professional and home. Every Genietti in fact, meets a need, solves one or more small problems which generally we tends to improvise using classical tools improperly. Every Genietti product is a kitchen accessory made of high quality stainless steel, guaranteed for life, either by hand or washed in the dishwasher, robust and compact, environmentally friendly because mono­material made and therefore easily recyclable, hypoallergenic because made by nickel free stainless steel, designed not to steal valuable space, to keep them on hand at the right time.


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Dimensions 30 cm