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Frescodrink Cooling Cubes

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Genietti Cooling Cubes Pack of 2 will chill your favorite beverages and keep them cool without diluting them.

You won’t need ice anymore to cool down your drinks. Place these cooling cubes in the freezer for at least four hours before use, then dip them into your glass or a jug. These cubes won’t melt and will chill the beverage. Made of stainless steel, they have no taste nor smell and can be used repeatedly.

Safe and hygienic, they are easy to clean and shock and abrasion-resistant.

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We take you to Italy to make you discover Genietti, a brand part of IPAC, the famous Italian family-owned business.

This kitchen utensils and accessories brand embodies Tuscany’s spirit and know-how. Functional, innovative, Genietti products offer a thousand ways to prepare and present dishes. Passion and craftsmanship are at the heart of this historic and iconic Tuscan brand.

Genietti developed an expertise for stainless steel: ecological, recyclable, easy to clean, durable, and simply beautiful, stainless steel is the best solution.

Kelly and Julien love cooking; their inspirations come from their culture and travels. They enjoy spending time with family, cooking with Genietti’s utensils. At 27, we want to make your kitchen life more comfortable. Genietti’s products will enhance both your kitchen and your cooking!


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