Seletti | The Tank in porcelain


Tank in porcelain

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Seletti | The Tank in porcelain
The collection of Seletti Estetico Quotidiano, is proof that even the simplest things, even objects using throw-away, you can turn in excellent examples of design.
Estetico Quotidiano is a line of multi-purpose containers useful and yet aesthetically extraordinary brainchild transform the object more serial and ordinary into something beautiful.
Oven dishes, jars, boxes, trays, bottles and coffee makers but also tanks, fruit boxes etc. made of fine white porcelain: simple objects renewed in style but not in the essence functional.
The entire line is compatible with the use of the microwave and dishwasher safe easily.


About Seletti

From its very first year in 1964, Seletti in Cicognara, Mantova, has followed its principle of professionality service and constant research to strive for betterness innovation and originality. The company focuses on design projects and on creative characteristic Italian excellence.

The collections containing art blended with daily life icons, send a message of shape and function, conveying to its customers a vision for a unique, personal and fun lifestyle. Today Seletti aims at new productions, an ongoing journey within the idea of beauty.

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