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Bottle Humidifier Nebulizer

The ultrasonic Nebulizer for the Bottle Humidifier.

11+ humidifier features a discreet and refined design that will melt into any interior while providing the right amount of humidity in your bedroom, your office, or even your living room.

Available in large and mini format, which respectively match the Bottle Humidifier and the Bottle Humidifier Mini.

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Kelly and Julien discovered 11+ while traveling to Korea. The design studio imagines convenient and functional products.

11+’s mission is to fulfill the basic features and functions of a product while focusing on an original design, intending to offer its customers a unique and fun experience.

Through the implementation of the Waterplus campaign, 11+ also commits to protecting children’s health and to facilitating access to water worldwide.

To make consumers aware of the issues related to drinking water and its scarcity, they partnered with UNICEF and commit to donating lifesaving kits to people in need.

27 believes that no one child should deny its basic need to drink safe water and have safe hygiene practices. Through the purchase of an 11+ item, you will also support the Waterplus campaign. Sharing is caring.


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