Cousu de Fil Blanc | Coton Blossom Soap


Rich in sweet almond oil and orange tree honey with the delicious perfume of orange blossom.

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Coton Blossom Soap is rich in sweet almond oil and orange tree honey with the delicious perfume of orange blossom. Coton Blossom Soap suits all skin types.


Collection: Wallpaper

Contents: 100g

All cousu de fil blanc soaps are hand made in the workshop of a master soap maker, respecting traditional know how. To 100% vegetable bases, they add raw materials of the highest quality; vegetable oils of organic extraction, clays, mountain made honey, essential oils, plants, and seaweed. All the ingredients are from organic procedures.


The entire collection is inspired and created by designer and innovator Carole Dichampt. She has worked in the past as a fashion designer and as an aroma therapist. Carole is also a passionate traveller and she adores nature and plants but also “rituals of beauty” expressed in a variety of forms from all over the world.



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