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The perfect size to be slid in the pocket, to accompany you in all your escapades. A delicate and powdered fragrance, rosewood, frankincense and ambrette seeds. Pure soya wax candle, without GMO nor pesticides, organic cotton wick, and the fragrances contains no phthalate and no CMR*.

About Cousu de Fil Blanc
The entire collection is inspired and created by designer and innovator Carole Dichampt. Carole has worked in the past as a fashion designer and as an Aroma therapist, Carole is also a passionate traveller and she adores nature and plants but also “rituals of beauty” expressed in a variety of forms from all over the world.“My wish closest to my heart is to share my passion with you. I have spent hours crumpling paper, composing imaginary and fanciful bouquets, poetic rhymes and perfumes…”
All cousu de fil blanc soaps & candles are hand made in the workshop of a master soap maker, respecting traditional know how. To 100% vegetable bases, they add raw materials of the highest quality; vegetable oils of organic extraction, clays, mountain made honey, essential oils, plants, seaweed…