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Cork Case for Solid Shampoo 100gr

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The cork case from Umaï is perfect for saving and transporting your favorite solid shampoo until 100gr!

Why cork? To transport in the most pratical and ecological way possible and it can store both dry and still wet.

The Umaï family chose cork not only because it is waterproof, durable, and hypoallergenic, but also because it is entirely manufactured close to home (Spain and regions of Andalusia), a reminder that more than ever we need to make conscious decisions.

Perfect case for your  Detox Solid Shampoo

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At 27, we strive to offer good alternatives for a better world, just like UMAI, which are the initials for “Une Marque A Impact”: This brand was created by 4 nature lovers in 2018, Angeline, Célia, Emeric and Sara, that wanted to take action in order to protect our planet.

The UMAI family creates natural cosmetics in their own laboratory located in France, where they try their best everyday to make daily care more sustainable and ethical. From body to hair care products, they use innovative and sustainable packaging, as well as natural ingredients produced as close to home as possible.For Kelly and Julien, UMAI is a great answer to the need to make the cosmetics industry more transparent and sustainable.


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