Cookut | Refills Adults Toothbrush Set of 4


A Set of 4 heads for your Cookut Toothbrush

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27 supports the Environmental movement, that is why we wanted to add these Cookut toothbrushes made from bamboo in order to reduce plastic consumption.

So instead of constantly buying plastic toothbrushes we preferred the Cookut alternative that offers refills of bamboo toothbrush heads. We wanted to share this alternative with you because we believe that together we can have a strong impact to protect our planet.

This set comes with 4 toothbrush heads, just select your size : adults or kids toothbrushes.


  • Materials: Metal, Bamboo and bristles derived from vegetable oil and infused with bamboo charcoal


Cookut has been created by 3 french men who had a simple idea in mind: cooking with sustainable utensils. After many years of research they launched a range of products that allows everybody to have a good impact on the planet. Reducing plastic by creating straws in glass or bamboo is just an example they went through. Zero Waste and Reuse became their mission.

At 27 we believe that good ideas are to be shared, from France we brought back Cookut.


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