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Deco Soap Bar

Claus Porto’s soap collections are not regular soap bars. These little gems from Portugal follow handcrafted traditions since 1887 to bring you natural and traditional soaps made of 100% vegetable oils. All of them are blended with whether pistachio or shea oil extract, which instantly make your skin smoother.

Claus Porto Deco soap bar collection originates from Art Deco, a unique source of inspiration for the brand.

When Kelly and Julien are in between two travels, the soap subtle fragrances are another way for them to remember beautiful places they went to in Portugal, especially the countryside, and this is why they love using them.

Inspired by Claus Porto’s archives, the patterned label designs are colourful and precious… Another good reason to melt for them!

Try out the scents available: Alface (Almond Oil), Deco (Lime Basil), Favorito (Red Poppy), Voga (Acacia Tuberose).

And discover also the Guest Soaps Assortment.

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Claus Porto

Claus Porto is a long-lasting brand established in 1887 by two German entrepreneurs that decided to open a soap and fragrance factory in Porto. The soaps are hand-crafted, and till this day, they still follow the same traditions from the 19th century.

Infused by subtle fragrances, each product highlights a part of Portugal and its beautiful countryside.

The crafting process is very specific and unique. It all starts with the blending of natural ingredients, mixing 130 years of expertise with the latest formulas.

Then follows the milling process that will ensure a long-lasting fragrance, and the lamination process, to ensure the soap’s durability. Finally, the soaps are ready to be shaped in style and hand-wrapped in unique, eye-catching labels. All the production is supervised under strict certified processes.

Kelly and Julien are keen on the soap bars’ packaging, all inspired by Europe’s Belle Epoque and the Portuguese colourful architecture. The brand’s unique labels are meticulously archived at the headquarters to keep inspiring brand designers and showcasing the brand history.


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