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Detangling Hair Brush

Thanks to its nylon pins’ flexibility, the Bachca Detangling Hair Brush detangles hair with ease, dry or wet.

Kelly and Julien have been seduced by how it easily detangles hair while gently massaging the scalp. Besides, this beechwood brush bends and therefore avoids hair loss and split ends.

Suitable for curly, thick, or oily hair, this is your new perfect ally for fragile and tangled hair!

Discover the standard format for daily use and the small format, great for kids or when traveling.

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Camille Bascher created Bachca in 2016, in France, as a breakthrough in the design of beauty accessories: she realized it was essential to rethink the cosmetics world.

Bachca offers design and innovative make-up brushes and hairbrushes. It combines simplicity, authenticity, and innovation through soft colors, shapes, and high-quality raw materials.

Made from beech trees, a non-polluting material, in factories where employees’ well-being is of paramount importance, Bachca accessories are made to last.

Kelly discovered Bachca in Paris and immediately integrated it into her daily routine. Definitely the essentials in your bathroom.


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