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Septem Stool

Discover the iconic pieces of Axel Chay and his ability to transform basic elements into sculptural and contemporary pieces.

Meet the Septem Stool, a simple form, made of aluminum tubes in a shape that will call for your attention and imagination.

For sure it will become a centerpiece in your decor, with a strong color that will allow you to match every room.

Available in pink, green, and as Kelly’s special request in our favorite color blue.

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Made by...

Axel Chay

Axel Chay, born in France, started his design career with a friend, in Marseille, where he created his studio, called Nova Obiecta studio.

When he left his studio he started developing his own creations and with his past experience working on his father’s metal construction company, started working with aluminum, from which he creates his iconic shapes with strong colours.

He loves to try new materials like steel, aluminum, cork, wood, expanded foam or even plaster to enrich his technical and singular creations, and creates pieces that leave no one indifferent, exploring the contrast between the steel and the smoothness of the forms. Kelly doesn’t hide the love she has for Axel Chay pieces, exhibiting them proudly at her home.


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