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Heritage Box Set


The French brushmaking factory Andrée Jardin and the traditional Marseille soap producer Fer à Cheval shared their know-how and craftsmanship to create the refined and elegant Heritage Box composed of 100% natural products: an authentic Marseille Soap, a Soap Holder, and a Nail Brush.

The Soap Holder and the Nail Brush are made out of heat-treated ash wood, a wood naturally treated with heated water steam, conferring the wood its natural brown color and making it resistant to humidity and time.

The Soap Holder and Nail Brush come with an Olive Oil Marseille Soap made in a cauldron following traditional know-how. The soap is free from artificial fragrance, dye, preservative, or animal fat and is appreciated for its hypoallergenic values.

This set will follow you in the kitchen, the bathroom, or even the workshop, anywhere your hands and nails need to be cleaned.

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Made by...

Savonnerie Fer à Cheval

In the 19th century, in Marseille, France, hundreds of little manufacturers produced soap, Marseille’s iconic product. For one of them, it was the beginning of an unforgettable adventure…

In 1856, a candle manufacturer founded a factory dedicated to producing Marseille Soap, and quickly after, took charge of perpetuating a historic brand.

Since 2003, the brand remains the factory’s only representative: Fer à Cheval. It selects the ingredients to create the bases for Marseille Soap.

Fer à Cheval has passed on its know-how from generation to generation until being now a Living Heritage Company and holding a Tourism Quality label for maintaining age-old expertise.

Picked at...

Andrée Jardin

This is the story of a French family business created last century. In 1947, George-René Julio and his wife, Andrée Jardin, founded their brushmaking factory in Nantes. Since then, the heritage of craftsmanship has been preserved, and the brushes are still made in France.

Labeled EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) by the French State, the Andrée Jardin brushmaking factory prioritizes quality. Sustainability and quality are values dear to Kelly and Julien, and that’s why they choose to offer Andrée Jardin brushes in the 27 selection.


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