Andrée Jardin | Clothing Brush Blue


Andrée Jardin Clothing Brush Blue

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Andrée Jardin | Clothing Brush Blue

Your favourite sweater is damaged because of washes, time, and/or low-quality tissue? Elegance is also worked in the maintenance of clothes. Then you should try the Clothing Brush by Andrée Jardin.

Let’s try to buy intelligently, and to not support inappropriate production and working conditions.

Julien and Kelly refuse to be part of this system and so to keep all the family clothes intact and make them last in time they use this Clothing Brush by Andrée Jardin.


A century ago, Andreé Jardin future husband, Geroges Renée Julio, started out as an apprentice brush maker in Nantes. In 1947, he opened his own factory and the adventure began. Today, Jean-Baptiste and François-Marie Julio have created the Andrée Jardin brand named after their grandmother, and are once again producing beautifully crafted brushes, working with designers to offer natural, long-lasting household accessories. Buying an Andrée Jardin brush is to engage alongside a manufacturer who guarantees the preservation of French know-how. Simplicity, quality, sustainability: it’s the DNA Andreé Jardin.


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