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Adam J Kurtz Everything Keychain Gold


“Everything will be so good so soon”, have this positive statement from Adam J. Kurtz with you everywhere you go!

Through this quote, the artist wants to share positivity and make people not worry too much about what’s coming next: everything changes; there are highs and lows, everything will be so good so soon.

Adam J. Kurtz, an artist and graphic designer from New York, has designed a series of keychains to remind you of positive messages daily, with style and humor.

Black text stamped into a gold “motel style” metal tab keychain, affixed to a gold keyring.

It comes in a protective sleeve with card backing.

Made by...

Adam J. Kurtz

Adam J. Kurtz is a Brooklyn-based artist and author, attached to honesty, homur and sometimes a little darkness.

Kurtz speaks frankly about channeling human emotion into our work and his art digs into the emotional realities of creative entrepreneurship. Translated into over a dozen languages, his uplifting books met with great success.

The artist founded his own studio, ADAMJK Studio, reinventing traditional stationery. His inspirational messages, handwritten on brightly colored backgrounds, immediately attracted Kelly and Julien.


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