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MISOKA for travel was born from the collaboration with Travel Gear Brand TO & FRO, which is listed as one of the best of ” lightweight and compact” for functionality. The size of the product is smaller than a stick of gum sold at convenience stores, and there is a hole which is attached to the brush body that can be passed through a carabiner. Also, you can insert the body into the slit provided in the case, and it can be used as a stand.


About Misoka


The MISOKA toothbrush for cleaning your teeth with only water was first launched onto the market by Yumeshokunin Co., Ltd. in 2007. This ground-breaking new toothbrush uses bristles treated with a nano-mineral coating to assist with removing plaque from the tooth exterior simply by moistening the bristles and brushing. As it only requires a single glass of water, it also contributes to people’ s health and to preserving the global environment. To date, more than 3 million of the toothbrushes have been sold in Asia and around the world.