Genietti | Egg Poacher


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Coat the inner mould with oil or butter, crack an egg inside, sit it in a pan of boiling water, and then turn upside down to remove the perfectly formed poached egg.  Genietti 1000 and 1 answers for your kitchen!

About Genietti
Genietti are simple, innovative, brilliant accessories: born from the real needs of those who cook at both professional and home. Every Genietti in fact, meets a need, solves one or more small problems which generally we tends to improvise using classical tools improperly. Drain the cans, pick the tomato sauce and ketchup from the bottom of the glassbottles, cut the thick skin of the oranges, slice the zucchini without cutting, flake the fish, remove the fishbones, eliminate the smell of food from your hands. Genietti are both very professional tools, but easy to use, require no special cooking skills, because they are designed to make life easier! Moreover they are intended to last long. Every Genietto is a kitchen accessory made of high quality stainless steel, guaranteed for life, either by hand or washed in the dishwasher, robust and compact, environmentally friendly because mono­material made and therefore easily recyclable, hypoallergenic because made by nickel free stainless steel, designed not to steal valuable space, to keep them on hand at the right time. Genietti 1000 and 1 solution for your kitchen.